KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K 360° VR Camera Adventure Pack




Introducing the KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K 360° VR Camera Adventure Pack, the ultimate companion for capturing and reliving your most thrilling adventures like never before!

With its groundbreaking 360° capability, this camera immerses you in a whole new world of photography and videography. Its ultra-wide-angle lenses and high-resolution 4K video recording capabilities deliver stunningly vivid and crystal-clear visuals, allowing you to capture every detail of your journeys.

Designed with durability and versatility in mind, the ORBIT360 is ready to accompany you on even the most extreme expeditions. Its rugged and compact construction ensures it can handle any environment, from rugged mountain peaks to challenging underwater adventures. This camera is also waterproof up to 30 feet, ensuring you won’t miss out on capturing precious moments beneath the waves.

The ORBIT360 Adventure Pack includes all the essential accessories to enhance your experience. The pack includes a practical remote control, allowing you to effortlessly capture photos and videos from a distance. A detachable wrist strap offers added security during action-packed activities, ensuring your camera stays securely fastened to your arm. Additionally, a handy telescopic selfie stick with a comfortable grip is included, enabling you to effortlessly capture stunning panoramic selfies or group shots.

Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, the ORBIT360 allows you to easily share your adventures with friends and family in real-time. Simply connect the camera to your smartphone or tablet via the PIXPRO Remote Viewer App and instantly upload your breathtaking content to social media or email.

Transcend traditional photography with the KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K 360° VR Camera Adventure Pack. Explore the world from every angle and relive your expeditions in immersive detail with this cutting-edge camera. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a nature enthusiast, or simply want to capture life’s precious moments, the ORBIT360 Adventure Pack is the perfect companion for your extraordinary journey.,


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